4-5 year olds

We meet daily as a large group as we discuss and learn about the calendar, share experiences and ideas, read stories, count, do movement games and exercise, and visit with special guests.

Daily, small groups of Peacocks are organized around our monthly theme as the teaching team focuses on developmental milestones and goals developed by the teachers with family input and observations of each child.

We explore a variety of math concepts and tools to encourage one-to-one correspondence as well as counting and number recognition.

La Puerta contains a wonderful library and we have access to public and school libraries to provide a variety of literature for the children.

A big part of our day involves sharing meals together as we eat family-style, to encourage the continued development of social skills and is a great self-help opportunity to practice.

Peacocks enjoy field trips off-site every year and we really enjoy playing outside daily and experiencing all that nature has to offer us!Our teaching team feels that one of the most important parts of the Peacock program is the daily communication and participation by individual family members throughout the year to support the learning experience for the children.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice each year – fall and spring. Conferences are based on “Focused Portfolios” a system of observation that tracks children’s progress as they reach milestones in development and serves as a basis for the planning and development of the monthly/weekly lesson plans.

We started at La Puerta in Spring 2015 with my 1-1/2 year old. We have loved La Puerta. Staff is great! Kids are well fed and taken care of. My little one loves it here. Would highly recommend!

Melissa Valdez

We have loved La Puerta!

Our child has attended La Puerta for more than two years and we could not be happier. LP has been in business for more than forty years and is a nonprofit run by a parent board of directors, with a play-based curriculum that emphasizes outdoor play, music and nature. The teachers and staff are amazing and there’s a real sense of community, with lots of after hours events and plenty of parent involvement. We’ve made some great friends through LP, as has our child, who is thriving and happy in her school. The food program is another huge plus: they serve the children house cooked meals for both breakfast and lunch. They currently use the Skarsgard Farms Harvest Box program to ensure that the food is as fresh and nutritious as possible. There are several schools closer to our home, but LP makes it worth the commute. Highly recommend.

Smith Susie

Highly recommend!

Started my 2 year old here in March 2014. I am so pleased with the facility, staff and program! The food they serve is fresh and delicious with lots of effort to go organic. Alayna gets lots of outdoor play time and we are confident that she is well taken care of during the time she spends at La Puerta! When the time was coming for my daughter to move to a different classroom, the staff was great during the transition and made it happen easily and successfully! We have also used the summer camp for our older daughter. Highly recommend this daycare/preschool if you want a high quality experience for your child.

Rebecca Starrett

I am so pleased with the facility, staff and program!

La Puerta is a top-notch preschool. The staff are both warm and professional and the physical environment is both beautiful and stimulating. When my family and I moved to New Mexico a year ago, we were a bit overwhelmed by the task of finding a new preschool for our son. We found La Puerta through a word of mouth recommendation and we could not be happier. LP truly values community, nature, healthy food, and developmentally-sensitive learning. Go check it out for yourself!

Joshua Newman

La Puerta is a top-notch preschool

Both of our kids have absolutely loved every classroom at La Puerta. This preschool is a non-profit, with a parent board of directors ensuring lots of parent input into the operation of the school and creating a community of families rather than the somewhat isolated feeling of the other preschools our kids attended when they were too young for La Puerta. La Puerta’s program emphasizes learning through play with other children and classroom activities emphasizing the natural world. The administration and the staff in every class are excellent (many have been with the school for many years). They all work hard to encourage the kids to express themselves and to resolve conflicts constructively. The outdoor spaces are amazing (La Puerta is moving to the near North Valley in Sept 2013 to a location with even larger, quieter play areas) and allow all of the children lots of time outdoors. La Puerta serves a hot lunch, freshly prepared on-site from high quality ingredients and the kids eat together with their teachers. Visit La Puerta and you will immediately see the difference yourself.

William Pockman

See the difference yourself

This daycare is wonderful. Staff is very good with the children. The facility is amazing with multiple large playground and grass field areas.

Alona Malone

The facility is amazing

A day in the life of a Peacocks

7:00-8:30 -Early Arrival and Self Selection

8:30-9:00 – Breakfast

9:00-9:25 – Outside Play

9:30-9:45 – Circle Time

9:45-10:45 – Large Group/Small Group Activities

10:45-11:10 – Outside Play

11:10-11:15 – Lunch Transition (bathroom and hand washing)

11:15-11:30 – Music/Large Group/StoryTime

11:30-12:00 – Lunch

12:00-12:15 – Outside Play

12:15-12:30 – Nap Transition (bathroom, hand washing)

12:30-2:00 – naptime/ rester’s room

2:00-2:30 – Snack

2:30-6:00- Self Selection (inside and out) small snack served at 4:30pm

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