About Us

About Us

Welcome to La Puerta de los Niños! La Puerta was founded in 1971 in Albuquerque, NM by a group of women dedicated to providing excellent child care to a widely diverse group of children and families.
Since that time, parents, staff, administration, and the board of directors have strived to continue this tradition of excellence in an atmosphere that is warm and open to all.


At La Puerta we strive to celebrate diversity in all forms. As your family participates in our program you and your child will have the chance to learn about and participate in many different cultural traditions and holiday observances. We welcome families to share their cultural traditions with us.


Another integral tradition here at La Puerta is fostering a connection with nature. Children today experience a real disconnect from the natural world. At La Puerta, children are given opportunities and encouraged to play outside and garden. We provide toys and activities using natural materials. La Puerta has its own cook who prepares the food for our family style lunches.  We also provide milk from a local dairy and meat from a local meat market. We buy organic produce and foods as our budget allows. The children also eat the produce they grow in the gardens. We believe promoting a love of nature promotes healthy and confident children and welcome your support in this mission.


Parents are a critical component here at La Puerta. There are many ways for parents to participate in daily classroom activities as well as annual fundraisers. We depend upon parent donations and fundraising to support the rich programs offered to the children and training opportunities and appreciation programs for staff. Please feel free to talk with staff or the Executive Director about ways you can become involved. We welcome your family into our program and look forward to sharing your time together as we work together to provide a high quality child care program for your family and our staff. Feel free to speak with your child’s staff or our Executive Director with any questions or concerns you may have about our program or curriculum.


We at La Puerta practice an Open Door policy and welcome feedback from parents. Take a moment to speak with your child(ren)’s teachers or with office staff. Please feel free to arrange a meeting with your child(ren)’s teachers or administration.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you to address concerns and integrate feedback to improve our program. We can be reached during our business hours at 884-2999, or you can e-mail us at La Puerta.

Sarah Torrey
- Executive Director
Acacia Vernon
- Assistant Director
Terri Harrison
- Admin Assistant
Raylynn Maestas
- Admin Assistant

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