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Road Runners

The Roadrunners, our oldest classroom, serves children ages 5-6 who miss the local kindergarten cut off date.

The roadrunners focus on independence, self-direction, self-management and responsibility. We help your child develop intellectually, socially and emotionally while respecting and honoring his/her own developmental schedule.

As we work toward these major goals, we will provide learning experiences that are designed around the multiple objectives of knowledge, thinking social and academic skills, attitudes and feelings, and language development.

We have fun, get messy, talk with each other a lot, help each other, solve problems together, listen to stories, write, read, do math, be scientific, sing, dance and be joyful.


A day in the life of a Roadrunner

7:00 – Arrival and Self Selection

8:30 – Breakfast

9:15 – Group meeting

9:45 – Outside Play

10:15 – Structured Activities

11:00– Outside Play

11:30– Lunch

12:00 – Read Aloud

*Roadrunners join the Peacock classroom in the afternoon to be a part of a larger community with more options in the form of free play both inside and out.

12:30 – Rest Time

2:00– Snack

2:30 – Self Selection (Inside and out)

4:30– Late Snack

4:45 – Late Self Selection (Inside and out)

6:00– Closing

Meet the teacher

Kathy Jones: I am thrilled to be a Roadrunner Teacher. I joined La Puerta as a substitute teacher, then became an afternoon teacher with the Peacocks, taught in the Summer Camp Program and now am privileged to be a Roadrunner.

I have been a teacher for 42 years, spending most of my career as and Early Childhood teacher with Albuquerque Public Schools.

At home, I have two German Shepherd dogs. I enjoy working them each weekend with several friends, both human and canine. I also enjoy the fiber arts of sewing, knitting, quilting and crochet.