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We meet daily as a large group as we discuss and learn about the calendar, share experiences and ideas, read stories, count, do movement games and exercise, and visit with special guests.

Daily, small groups of Peacocks are organized around our monthly theme as the teaching team focuses on developmental milestones and goals developed by the teachers with family input and observations of each child.

We explore a variety of math concepts and tools to encourage one-to-one correspondence as well as counting and number recognition.
La Puerta contains a wonderful library and we have access to public and school libraries to provide a variety of literature for the children.

A big part of our day involves sharing meals together as we eat family-style, to encourage the continued development of social skills and is a great self-help opportunity to practice.

Peacocks enjoy field trips off-site every year and we really enjoy playing outside daily and experiencing all that nature has to offer us!Our teaching team feels that one of the most important parts of the Peacock program is the daily communication and participation by individual family members throughout the year to support the learning experience for the children.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice each year – fall and spring. Conferences are based on “Focused Portfolios” a system of observation that tracks children’s progress as they reach milestones in development and serves as a basis for the planning and development of the monthly/weekly lesson plans.